Rita Poe: A Quiet Woman Makes a Gift to Quiet Places

Here’s a story about a quiet woman, in a northwest¬† campground, who walked up to a total stranger and asked her to help with a Will.

Little did the helper know what came next — an $800,000 bequest to support a dozen the National Wildlife Refuges in the American West.

Two years later, Nancy Zingheim went on a 4 month journey to visit these wild places and see what these gifts would mean.

What I love about this story is that you can see what a difference the gift will make to wild places that need our love and support, but also how the act changed the life of the woman who kindly offered to help a stranger in need. That’s the thing about generosity, it is such a two way street and we so often (or at least I so often) forget about the mutuality of it.


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